A Wildland Trekking Camping Tour is an incredible way to have an adventurous outdoor experience of world renowned national parks and wilderness destinations while hiking with only a light daypack and sleeping soundly in comfortable, vehicle-accessible camps. Led by expert hiking guides, we set up camp in established campgrounds (with showers) and embark on a series of unforgettable hikes! We provide all the gear, meals, transportation, permits, fees and reservations so you can focus 100% on hiking and and enjoying your national park camping vacation.

Your only “job” on these trips is absorbing and enjoying everything the national park, or parks, of your choice have to offer – their breathtaking views, challenging and fulfilling hikes, awe-inspiring natural and cultural history, wildlife, and unique natural wonders.

Boat Trips

Now you can go with your friends on a trip for 6 hours to Bayada island on the red sea. This amazing island is a natural destination that has attracted tourists for years because of its stunning views of the red sea, wonderful sandy beaches, and corals with amazing colors.

This trip gives you an ideal chance to try new activities in Jeddah. You can dive and enjoy watching amazing corals which the Red Sea is popular with. This is the last chance to enjoy the warmth of the water before winter. You can swim or play water games, or do kayaking. In addition to that, the trip includes water, hot drinks, water games, and floats.

Beach Access

Our elite members will enjoy accessing luxurious beach resorts. Enjoy the sun and beaches with our affiliate partners.