We personalize a comprehensive health and fitness strategy for you and execute it together — with a supportive and seasoned trainer by your side. Elite athletes and busy professionals seek us out to accelerate their development, energizing both body and mind.

Personal Trainers

The venus team represent a wealth experience & commitment to continued education and development. Passionate about transformative change, our personal trainers work to ensure every aspect of their client’s health- from bespoke exercise plans to nutrition rehabilitation. Our expert trainers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including sports science and nutrition, competitive sports, as well as the performing arts. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, recover following an injury, build strength or simply refine your yoga practice, we have the right PT for you.

Nutrition & Work Out Plan

We are a diverse team of professionals with many years of experience in the fields of Nutrition. We create a personalized workout program specifically for you. Your personal trainers — and accountability coach — design a workout tailored to your goals and ultimate success. And together — we can do it. Customization is at the core of your success. At Venus Fit, it starts with our scientifically-proven Body of Excellence Strength Training Program™ that our personal trainers tailor specifically for you.

Time and health are your two most valuable resources. The Venus personal training experience maximizes both

Venus App

In Venus we monitor your progress, making adjustments to keep you working effectively as you build stamina and strength.

Venus Classes

We provide a wide variety of group classes that cater to your different goals.

Venus SPA

Venus Spa will be an evolutionary offering in the kingdom & the world, providing its members with cutting-edge technology and holistic spa treatments.